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About Us

No one involved with the Trust receives a salary..... we are all volunteers.

All money raised is used to provide protection for the rhinos.

Our mission is simple:

  • To combat rhino poaching within the independent game reserves of South Africa


Our Objectives:

  • To help establish and support effective systems for the protection of rhinos within the independent game reserves of South Africa 

    • We will provide equipment and support to both established and new anti-poaching initiatives

    • We will support initiatives for the continued tracking and monitoring of rhino

  • To raise awareness locally, nationally and internationally

    • We will promote, share and support organisations and individuals who share our visions and beliefs to raise understanding of the plight

    • We will establish NGOs in the market countries for rhino horn to educate them on the repercussions of their beliefs and traditions

  • To help educate local and international children to appreciate the need to preserve these animals for the future

    • We will visit local schools to educate them on conservation and the importance of rhino to the local communities

    • We will support organisations who educate on and promote the issues of rhino poaching and conservation in the wider international educational arena

The independently-owned game reserves of today in South Africa have one clear aim and that is conservation. There is a desire amongst these land-owners to undo what has been done by their ancestors and restore the land and environment to how it used to be before it was over-hunted or turned into farm land.


They are the caretakers of their land and the animals which live on it.


Independent game reserves have re-introduced once endangered species such as the rhino and now spend their lives dedicated to their continued protection. The current crisis with rhino poaching has put increasing constraints on their resources due to the high level of security and the associated costs needed to combat the problem.

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