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Friends of the Trust

Proud Sponsor of K9 Conservation

Siyafunda Wildlife and Conservation

Siyafunda Wildlife and Conservation is a dedicated conservation volunteering organisation and is 'home' to the Rhino Protection Trust - their expertise and experience are invaluable to the Trust to ensure we always stay focused!

Have a look at the video about the Trust, made by some French film students that visited Siyafunda Wildlife Conservation

Dream Wild Adventures

Dream Wild Adventures offers volunteers the opportunity to work with local communities, wildlife, research and animal rehabilitation. For every booking made through Dream Wild, a proportion of the payment comes directly to the Rhino Protection Trust.

Rhino Rescue Project

The Rhino Rescue Project have developed a system of rhino horn devaluation as a deterrent for rhino poaching.  Rhino horn is infused with an animal-friendly toxin and indelible dye which renders the horn unfit for human consumption and unsuitable for sale.  At the same time, additional measures such as micro-chipping, tracking technology and DNA sampling take place.

African Educational Stories

(Bongi's Quest)

African Educational Stories is the home to Bongi's Quest.  This is a rhino educational book aimed at highlighting the plight of the rhino to children aged 5 - 10 around the world.

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